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Wendy Cheng: Fall in Love with the Gorgeous Blogger

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About Wendy Cheng

Wendy Chang Yan Yan, popularly known by her nickname Xiaxue is the most popular blogger in Singapore. The 26-year old girl writes about her life, fashion, and local issues in a provoking and stylish way. Due to her excellent writing, her blog drives a heavy traffic of about 50,000 readers daily. She has won many prestigious blog awards including the title of “Best Asian Blog” and “Wizbang Weblog Award”. Her blog has been added to National Library Board’s list of blogs for archival. 

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Personal Life of Wendy Cheng

Born in 1984, Xiaxue graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in mass media. She has a younger brother and her parents are divorced. She is close to her mother and calls her Momo. She undertook a plastic surgery to correct her bulbous nose in 2006. She is married to Mike Sayre, an American engineer whom she dated for three years. She has one boy child named Dashiel who is 10 months old. 


Blogging Career of Wendy Cheng

During the commencement of her blogging career, she used to label her personal life and thoughts on random areas. Due to her honest, open, interesting viewpoints, and exclusive writing ability, she quickly gained popularity among readers especially among the females of age group 18-24.

Xiaxue has ten blogs including her main blog Her main blog includes content related to her personal life, fashion, and her photographs. She even debates about local concerns and posts funded advertorials. Mutilated by a hacker in 2005, her blog was the first from Singapore to enter the Technorati Global Top 100 Blogs list.

Wendy Cheng is not just known for her blog, another notable example is her web based video-series “Guide to Life,” where she describes everything related to a girl’s life. She wants all girls to be strong and she challenges men’s chauvinism who prefer girls to be weak and submissive. Her highest-rated episode was viewed for more than 3, 25,000 times. 

Due to the reputation of her blog, Xiaxue netted various jobs in mainstream media for instance, she has been a columnist for TODAY newspaper, The New Paper, Maxim magazine, and Snag magazine. She holds many sponsorship contracts with numerous giant companies including the online eyewear store HoneyColor, childcare retailer Mothercare, and Nail Studio Voxy.

She was selected as an ambassador to discourage smoking among the females by the Health Promotion Board.


Due to her blogs, Xiaxue has earned a big fame in the world of internet but her blogs have produced a number of controversies during the last 7 years of their existence. Some of the most notable ones are –

 -“Toilet-gate” when she attacked a disabled man who rebuked an able-bodied guy for using the toilet for handicapped persons.

– Her racist post in which Xiaxue blamed foreign personnel for assaulting some local girls.

– Her post in which she defended a cute American marine who was convicted for raping a Filipino woman. 

Conclusion about Wendy Cheng

Xiexue is viewed as the Queen of Singaporean blogosphere by her fans. She is a real idol for many Singapore girls. Blogging is her life and she loves to do it all the time.

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  1. Very beautiful and sexy blogger she is. Thanks for writing about her. I am off to read her blog now.

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