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5 Top Rated Camera Smartphones On The Market

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Technology has improved a lot and the new generation gadgets are coming with versatile inbuilt tools. Now days, smartphones have replaced the cameras as these are incorporated with high-resolution built-in camera to shoot quality images. Moreover, the advanced camera phone comes with the features like optical image stabilization, dual LED flash, clever image processing etc. to capture the desired photos and they could be shared easily to others.

Best camera phones

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung successfully combined a 13MP, 4128 X 3096 pixels, LED flash auto focus camera in its Galaxy version S4. It would let the users to take a picture with the front and rear cameras at the same time and even they can remove the unwanted person from the picture. It has drama shot features which help to take the multiple images of a person and combines as a single image. The smartphone users could enjoy with the friendly camera interface to pick the exact mode. Capability of taking the detailed pictures, having best face mode, simultaneous HD video and image recording are some of the good camera features of this smartphone.

2. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 offers detailed photos and bright HD videos for its users with its splendid 41 Megapixel, Optical stabilization, Pure view technology, a revolutionary zoom camera. It could be used to produce some sharp images and it has the ability to control the features like DSLR & exposure value and ISO & manual focus which makes the users to feel the unique imaging experience with this smartphone. As the camera of Nokia Lumia 1020 has flat capacitor Xenon flash , the images could be taken proficiently even with no light or low light. Moreover it offers PRO camera app for experienced photographers and guiding tutorial for the newbies to deal with the settings.

3. Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z carries the 13 Megapixel, image stabilization, face detection camera with advanced Exmor – RS sensor. It allows the users to take pictures and videos with its natural colors in any light. As it is an HDR (high dynamic range) camera, the same image at different exposure level could be captured and an optimized photo could be created by layering them. This resourceful camera combines Scene recognition and high performance image processing technology to shoot the pictures with optimal settings. Possibility of taking pictures in video mode, noise reduction feature, sweep outlook, capability of taking images in wet or dusty conditions are some the best benefits of the Sony Xperia Z’s camera.

4. Apple iPhone 5S

8MP, 3264 X 2448 p, dual LED, autofocus camera is incorporated in Apple iPhone 5S and it is the best iSight rear camera. It is improved auto image stabilization with good color reproduction camera which is excellent in capturing the panoramic pictures. In few seconds, snap dozens of photos can be taken with its burst mode and the better quality images can be obtained by HDR & true optical image stabilization features. With the integration of a set of filters and useful tools, the users could get the unaltered image which is easy to export it to iTunes for sharing and other options.

5. HTC One mini

The camera of HTC One mini is 4MP, LED flash, HRD camera with ultrapixel technology. Even though it doesn’t have the image stabilization feature, it performs well in low light and capable of taking detailed images in the darker lights. It has large image sensor and shake free lens, which allows the users to take images with a faster shutter speed without any distortion. With the help of Zeo mode of this camera, the users could shoot the images & videos in quick series and access different settings easily.


Most of the smartphones comes with a camera. Instead of buying a digital camera, purchasing a smartphone having good quality camera with high megapixel count and wide variety of modes would help the users to take the incredible pictures and videos easily and share them feasibly with others.
Having advanced camera on your smartphone would help you to get better quality photos without any difficulty, isn’t it? What do you think about the shooting performance these top rated camera phones on the market? Let me know your views through comments.


  1. According to me Sony Xperia Z is best camera phone. Because my friend has this phone and I have seen the quality of pics.

  2. Nice post, thanks for the info 🙂

  3. All smart phones you listed here are very cool.

  4. I planned to purchase the iPhone 5C.. but now I am confused which phone should I choose iPhone 5C or Nokia 1020.

    Can you suggest any one of me.?

  5. You have put up a good good list. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Now days phone became camera. Most of the mobile user now check camera quality of the phone they plan to buy. Good to see the camera phones listed here.

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