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Top 5 Android Apps Of This Week

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And we are back again! This week we bring you to the details of 5 brand new apps which have touched our heart and they are simply amazing. Go through the top 5 Android apps to see what should definitely be on your download list this week.

Top 5 Andriod Apps

Top 5 Android Apps of this week to download

Are you ready to explore the best android applications of this week? Check the list!

1. FacesIn

I know, you’ve heard of apps that give you constant updates of your friends’s recent activities on social networking sites and help you to keep in constant touch with the virtual world. FacesIn is a similar app but it functions in a more effective way! You are supposed to sign in your various social accounts and this excellent android app notifies you whenever any of your friends/contacts check in a location close to you! So your life would be enhanced by extending you awareness of your friends and contacts who are nearby and engage you with common interests or close events. The app is totally free, so go ahead and download it and here’s looking forward to a lot of unplanned meetings and conversations with your networks. 

Download FacesIn

2. Slyde – Floating App Switcher

Next on our list is a new Android app, Slyde. It is a simple application with a user friendly interface that will allow you to switch between your five preferred apps with one sliding gesture. Its floating button hovers on the top that let you to switch to your next app within a second. You could minimize this app by double tapping and hence you could watch your video in full screen without any disturbance. So, to switch between apps, do multitasking and ensure efficiency for your android device, you may utilize this tremendous app. The unfortunate part is that it is not free, but its available in the Play store at a reasonable price and is highly recommended.

Download Slyde

3. Buzz Launcher

If you wanna apply shared home screens to your smartphone, you could make use of this highly customizable launcher “Buzz launcher”. It is an ad-free custom Android app with more thousands of free themes which would let you to create home screens at a touch of a button and share them with a single touch through Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. So, personalize your home screen with amazing wallpapers, robust icon and customized widgets though this striking app. 

Download Buzz Launcher

4. Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is the next generation interactive character which has ability to act uniquely at every time. So, you could train the Ninja in a better way to have fun with this app. With Clumsy Ninja, you would experience unforgettable moments, travel to new places & play games and customize it that matches to your style. It is the first game on touch devices that uses EUPHORIA simulation technology to produce a believable character for you. Natural motion Games has published this game and it is free to play. 

Download Clumsy Ninja

5. HD Widgets

HD Widgets is the best universal app that got featured in most popular websites like Techcrunch, The Guardian, Computerworld etc. This famous Android app contains the next generation of widgets that are fun and amazingly designed for high-resolution touch screen gadgets. It has 100 beautiful widgets to display time, weather etc. which would allow you to have advanced screen with date, place, forecast in vivid colorful background. Quick editing at ease, get start guide, widget and theme previews are some of the best features of this fabulous Android app. This is not a free app, but it is worth to download to have a live screen for your Android devices. 

Download HD Widgets

Hope you’ve well engaged with this post and I am suggesting you to download the essential apps for your Smartphone/Tablet from these top 5 apps of this week to have more fun with your Android device. Share your views through comment.


  1. Hi.
    Even i’m running a tech blog. I didnt heard about this update from android..
    Anyway thanks for dropping your views on this apps..

  2. hey thats great sharing here, after reading this article, now firstly i m going to download HD Widgets. Thanks again for sharing.. 🙂

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