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The Process Of Merging Contacts In Salesforce Step By Step

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Salesforce is an excellent business management system. It can enable sales teams to stay up to date with all sensible information about their contacts and to generate reports that can enable them a better vision for the future of the company. However, like in all cases of collective work, it is possible that the database gets artificially inflated by entering the same contact more than once in the system. Such mistakes are human, hence the need for a supervisor or manager to perform regular cleaning operations with the purpose of maintaining a good accuracy of the database. This means all duplicate contacts need to be looked for and merged, if you want all sales representatives and users of Salesforce to find complete and up-to-date information about each and every contact in your database.

Merging Contacts In Salesforce With Ease

The process of merging contacts in Salesforce is very easy. However, it requires that the user has the adequate permissions for performing it. This means you need to have the “Delete” permission on contacts. If you also have to merge Customer Portal enabled contacts, you need the “Edit Self-Service Users” permission.


Additionally, a special attention is required during the selection of the fields that should be retained, in order to avoid the loss of important data. You can merge up to three contacts at once. You can do this by checking their corresponding rows. After you’ve done your selection, proceed the next step.

You need to select one of the contacts to be merged to serve as a Master Record. The newly created merged contact is going to have associated all information in the hidden fields of the Master Record. This is why you have to choose the contact which contains the biggest amount of data in those fields. It is possible that some fields contain conflicting data. If this occurs, you are going to see the problem row marked in purple color. Basically, you have to address merging contacts in Salesforce a bit more serious then.

When all such issues have been sorted out, you have to click on Merge and the operation is going to complete within a few seconds.

You need to know that the newly created contact is going to preserve all items associated with all original contacts that have been merged. In case the original contacts were members of different campaigns, all these memberships are going to be associated automatically with the resulting contact. Moreover, if original contacts were associated to various case teams, the new contact is going to have all these associations. All meeting messages are also going to be transferred to the newly created contact, so no such message is going to be lost in the process of merging duplicate records.

When merging contacts in Salesforce, all discarded records are going to be automatically transferred to the Recycle Bin. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the new contact is going to replace original ones in all scheduled meetings. However, you are going to need to add this new contact to the invitee list manually.

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