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Don’t Miss This Breathtaking Proposal from TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Project

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Are you the person that prefers to spend their time in chatting with other people or checking out the news feed on the most popular social networks? Is your answer positive? In this case, you totally have to know more information about the described project, since it gives new helpful opportunities not only to you but to your friends as well! Initially, Social Stock is an inspiring social media project that gives one clear chance to get some money or win the startling prizes in an easy way! What is more, taking part in this trendy campaign you will also help your friends, followers or relatives to set up an ideal online project for any business type! Would you like to find out how the system works? I’m sure; you would, so let’s talk more about Social Stock!

In a word, this project is a simple competition that gives one chance to win 1 or even all of 8 wonderful awards. Be sure, we will discuss them in a few minutes! So, in order to make the project easier all the users will be provided with their unique promo codes that, by the way, bring a 10% discount on the website themes, provided by TemplateMonster. As you may know, TM’s gallery is unbelievably huge and includes over 24 thousands of premium themes for various purposes. Moreover, these codes are valid even for the most popular premium templates, such as Monstroid 2 WordPress Theme, Styler Prestashop Template, Wegy Joomla Theme and other remarkable examples. All in all, owning a stylish and powerful online project seems to be a real must-have for our days, and this ready-made and easy to use and install website templates would help one to build an amazing web store, forum, catalog, blog online school, gallery, portfolio or any other kind of a qualitative and impressed site with eCommerce integration. On the whole, TM’s templates are modern and flexible enough to match any personal needs as well as the corporate ones! Seeing that, would you like to bring someone a chance to get these awesome themes with a cool discount? For this reason, be free to share your promo code with your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other networks that you prefer to use! Talking about the competition, you simply need to do the same action to get a prize! Well, are you interested now?

As it has already been written, in order to take part in Social Stock all you have to do is to provide friends with your 10% promo-code! Without a doubt, we did our best in order to introduce this project to the world, so all the needed actions and features were added for your convenience! Thus, the code in question will be mechanically generated by the service and sent to your email as well as the registration finished. There is another useful thing to be mentioned! Just answer the question: would you like to start spreading the news about your attractive campaign? That is why we propose one to take a look at the list below! It shows the features that will definitely help you in a quick notification of your relatives, friends and followers.

1 To start with, we propose you to use a set of intriguing and colorful banners that will positively attract the attention of your visitors!

2 Secondly, one will get a pack that is full of the various funny memes. Such things may be easily used for social networks to express your thoughts and emotions.

3 As well, you will have some demotivators and even special samples of ready-made text messages that will be a fast way to send your unique code directly to all the people from your contact list.

4 Finally, keep in mind that we also prepared some texts for your emails!

Furthermore, all of these features are available to you for free right now, and registration in your profile is the only thing you have to do! Leave all the negative thoughts behind! Just do your best in order to become the first, so run and get all the pictures and texts that you like, copy your promo-code, put it in the place of the default one and then just send it to the people you know! All in all, now you have a lot of opportunities to share some info with the world, so go and take it!

As it was promised, here is the most awaited part of this post, because now we are going to take a closer look at the miraculous gifts that one is able to get with the help of Social Stock! So, there are 8 various prizes. By tradition, they depend on a number of times that your promo code was used. Finally, collecting the sales made by your friends you have a chance to win the next things:

1. 10 usages of the code bring one 100$ on their PayPal account;

2. with 20 sales you will have a cool Smartwatch Pebble;

3. with 50 points you can get a new iPad Mini;

4. having 100 points you will be provided with iPhone 6;

5. for 250 points you will win Canon EOS 6D

6. 500 sales allows one to become the owner of Macbook Pro;

7. 1,000 usages of your promo-code means Harley Davidson Street;

8. As a final point, 10,000 sales brings one Tesla Model S!

Needless to say you should know how many sales you have collected! Let’s imagine that you want to know about a number of some points to get a particular award, or, for example; you think that you already have enough sales for some prize… So what should you do? Our service will automatically count your sales and transform them into points that will be shown in your Social Stock profile. In the end, all you have to do is to login into your profile on Social Stock, copy and paste your inimitable code in the corresponding field, click on ‘Check’ button and see your results! As you can see, everything is more than simple!

To finish with, keep in mind that there are a lot of other surprising social projects that were created by TM! Naturally,TemplateMonster’s Web Studio Catalog will be useful for some web studios and developers because with its help they can have new orders from the potential clients. Plus, don’t forget about TemplateMonster’s affiliate program.

Would you like to get more information about the proposing services? In this case, be free to visit TemplateMonster’s Service Center where one will be given with more detailed information. In addition you can visit TM’s main page and view all the leading and multifunctional website themes. Do you still have any questions? Don’t waste your time, just check TemplateMonster’s official YouTube channel, where you will quickly find more information about an eCommerce website creation, some thematic templates review, various CMS using guides, and many pieces of other helpful info that will undeniably assist you on the way to your dream!

Finally, would you like to see several website themes that TemplateMonster creates? View these adorable examples below!

1. Monstroid2 – Multipurpose and Innovative WordPress Theme


2. Stylish and New Financial Accounting WordPress Theme


3. Remi – Sweet Photographer WordPress Theme


4. Verel – Handmade Jewelry Adorable WordPress Theme


5. Kustrix – Modern Blog WordPress Theme


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