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Sean Parker, Darling Of Tech World Leaves Founders Fund

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This post contains the complete life details of a tech master, Sean Parker.

Founders Fund, a San Francisco based venture capital firm was formed in 2005 which has five partners who are the founders of some well-known companies like Facebook, Napster, PayPal and Palantir technologies. Now, this firm is slimming down its top ranks as one of the founder named Sean Parker leaves from there with his massive 1$ billion fund.

Who is Sean Parker? Have you heard about him? Do read his life story and ventures through this post.

About Sean Parker


Sean Parker is an American Entrepreneur, founder of the popular computer service Napster. He worked as president of the giant Social networking website, Facebook and together with Shawn Fanning, he recently cofounded Airtime, which is a live video website for real time sharing and communication. Last year, he married his girlfriend, Alexandra Lenas and he had spent over $10 million for his wedding. Check his career and personal life details now.

Early life of Sean Parker

Sean Parker is a famous internet entrepreneur who was born on Dec 3, 1979 in Virginia. His father, Bruce Parker worked as a government oceanographer and his mother, Diane Parker was advertising broker. He was first taught by his father about computer programming when he was seven. He was arrested at his age of 16 for hacking the network of a major corporation and was penalized to do community service.

He studied in Oakton High School in Virginia and then transferred to Chantilly High School for senior years of his education. He got graduation from high school in the year 1998 and he started to earn more than $80,000 a year through different projects. Hence, he begun to pursue his entrepreneur career and skipped his college life.

Career life of Sean Parker with big investments

As his hacked activity had grabbed attention of FBI, he was pushed to perform community service and there he met Shawn Fanning. They both cofounded a free file-sharing music service, Napster in the year 1999 which had reached ten million users within a year. In the year 2002, Sean Parker launched an online social networking service, Plaxo that turned a popular tool for leading companies and earned millions of users.

Parker met Zuckerberg and when Facebook was just five month old, he joined there as a president. He was the big investor of Facebook and contributed his innovative work to have a clean user interface with the photo-sharing function over there and thus, a college project turned into a real company. In 2005, he was arrested for cocaine possession and even though, there were no charges filed, he forced to step down as president of Facebook. But he continued to involve with the growth of Facebook through a minority stake and he joined in Founders Fund as a managing partner in 2006.

With Joe Green, Parker founded Causes which developed an app for Facebook users and to ask donations for philanthropic purposes. In 2010, the Founders Fund invested money in a Swedish digital music service, Spotify where he invested $15 million. In 2011, Parker announced a business deal between Facebook and Spotify and thus the users of Facebook are allowed their playlists of Spotify on their Facebook profiles.

Then he invested millions of dollars in Votizen, a consumer tech company in US and reunited with Shawn Fanning to found Airtime, a live video website. Last year, Parker invested in a mobile commerce company, Willcall and now he has been winding down from Founders Fund with his fund to focus on other projects. But he remains as an advisor to several members over there.

Sean Parker as a philanthropist

Parker is not only a big investor, he is an active Philanthropist. He has raised thousands of dollars for cancer research, anti-malaria groups and so on. Through Causes, he offered philanthropic service to connect with charities and collected millions of dollar as donation. He directed $20 million in grants to support the cancer immunotherapy research. Recently he gifted $1 million to a New York based cancer research institute for its clinical developments.

Outlandish Wedding of Sean Parker


In 2013, Sean Parker ties a knot with her girlfriend Alexandra Lenas and he had spent over 10 million dollars for his wedding. News reports appealed that he had done an extensive damage to an area for creating a grand set-up for his wedding. So, Parker paid a penalty of $2.5 million for the lack of development permits and past violations. He had presented a guest post on Techcrunch about his wedding with 9,500 words where he explained that the natural environment was not harmed during his marriage.

Final words

Sean Parker is an internet technology visionary who co-founded the popular file-sharing computer service, Napster. He served as a president in Facebook and also made his creative contribution in Plaxo, Causes and Airtime. He is the darling of the tech world who has a net worth of $2.1 billion. He is a board of director of Spotify, a famous music website and he recently stepped down from Founders Fund with his big fund $1 million. His exceptional role in Facebook and Napster has turned this entrepreneur into billionaire and he earned good status with his philanthropic service. But this tech guru has gained a bad name due to his lavish lifestyle in his wedding as he spent $10 billion for his expensive fairy tale forest wedding.

What is your opinion about this tech billionaire, Sean Parker? Share your insights through comment 🙂

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    I think if Sesn Parker not guided facebook at an early stage then we can’t see facebook this much big than any other social networking website……

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