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Complete Life History of Dennis Ritchie

This post gives the details of the complete life history of Dennis Ritchie, inventor of the programming language “C”. Early life of Dennis Ritchie Dennis Ritchie was born on Sep 9th, 1941 in Bronx-ville, New York. His father is Alistair Ritchie, an engineer at Bell laboratories and his mother Jean McGee Ritchie was a homemaker. Ritchie grew up in New ... Read More »

4G Smartphones from EE

4G is the latest generation of mobile data connectivity, developing on the grounds set by 3G. It offers a connection that is not only lightning fast but also a much more reliable than any other service that you have experienced before. Downloading movies or music, streaming videos or uploading pictures on social networking sites – 4G just makes it quicker ... Read More »

Pointless Features of Facebook


Everyone knows that the Facebook is a top social networking website which has about 700 million daily active users. It offers the free networking application for its users with some excellent features like  messenger, open graph search, timeline, events  and so on which are not seen in other social networks. This makes the people to stay many hours to interact ... Read More »

Concept of Samsung Galaxy S5

Few months back, Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced in the market and it is considered as the best phone of this year (2013). It is a pretty powerhouse of a smartphone which comes with smart Scroll and Pause feature that let the users to do hand free navigation. But some innovative features are missing here and so the Samsung fans ... Read More »


Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) is a system for transmitting and receiving information across the internet. When you type any web address in your web browser, your browser acts as a client, and the computer having the requested information acts as a server. http allows you quick and easy transmission of information but it is not secure. For many purpose, such ... Read More »

Review of FastStone Photo Resizer

Faststone photo resizer

Are you a design professional or used to demonstrate the presentations on regular basis with images? Then read this review to get some beneficial information with FastStone Photo resizer.  FastStone Photo resizer is a free application which allows the users to resize and rename a bulk number of digital images. It was introduced in the year 2008 and its latest ... Read More »

History of Bill Gates


This post would help you to know some evidence of Bill Gates, an American entrepreneur. History of Bill Gates William Henry Gates aka Bill Gates is the co-founder of MicroSoft Corporation along with Paul Allen. He is also the former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft. Recommended Reading – Bill Gates Before Microsoft – Story of the Legend (Images) William ... Read More »

Synopsis of Android Application Development

android application development

According to a survey, there are 90% people who are using Smartphones. Different people use different type of brands, but the brands which are most popular are the ones which are based on iOS and Android. iOS is an operating system which is specifically used for Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod while, Android is an open source ... Read More »

Top 25 Influential People On The Web World

When you talk about the top people who changed the Internet forever, you have to give all the credit to the inventor itself. Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee is the man responsible for one of the most crucial invention ever. He invented the World Wide Web. He is also the chairman for World Wide Web Consortium. As a computer scientist ... Read More »

Android 5.0 Features #Key Lime Pie

sexy Android-50-Key-Lime-Pie

As we are living in the technology world, even the kids know that the Android is the most popular mobile platform. Till now, there are many Android versions were released with a dessert based nick name like cupcake, donut, Eclair and the last one with Jelly bean in an alphabetical order. So, the next version should start with Letter “K”, ... Read More »

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