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Online Casino software providers now conquers the smartwatches

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Nowadays, many are saying that online casino companies are set to conquer smartwatches, but is this a good move? To determine if these wearable pieces of technology will advance in popularity, keep reading for more information.

To determine the answer to the question, the first thing we have to discuss is availability. The Apple watch is currently the most popular form of wearable mobile technology on the market, but the price tag for these devices is still about $300, even for the smaller models. This amount is well outside of what most people are willing to pay for what is essentially an extension of their smartphones.

Other companies like Samsung have produced smartwatches as well. But, their sales haven’t been exactly impressive. So, it’s safe to say that sales will have to pick up before the wearable technology revolution can happen.


Secondly, is important to note, that the small screen size of these devices presents an even bigger problem than it did for smartphones and tablets. The very first mobile casino games were plagued by issues with screen real estate. Most online games were specifically created for large computer screens, usually measured in thousands of pixels long and thousands of pixels wide.

SmartWatches, however, how are made with screens that are a mere fraction of that. Their screen real estate is even smaller than smartphones and these devices required developers to completely restructure the games that they created for these devices.

All those aforementioned factors make the future of smartwatches seem bleak, but they haven’t put a damper on the fervor of online gaming companies, like wintingo online casino, on the hunt for the next big thing. These developers are still going full steam ahead with their plans to conquer this new technology.


Online gaming companies make it a point to stay on top of the latest technology, so it makes sense that they are going this route. After all, many of these entities are known for their high-quality graphics, innovative security protocols, large selection of games, and other amenities that gamers have come to know and love. This push into smartwatches is simply their latest tactic to remain the very best at what they do.

And, believe it or not, at second glance, this may not be such a bad idea after all. It’s all a matter of perspective. For instance, if developers decided to outside the box they may be able to rejuvenate the popularity of the smartwatch. There’s no denying that these devices have potential.

Since SmartWatches are generally considered to be a supplement for smartphones, and require these devices to communicate (for the most part) there’s no reason why they can’t be used to supplement the overall mobile gaming experience. For example, a huge part of sports betting involves gamers staying on top of the action. But, who wants to constantly pull out their smartphones? If smartwatches are used in a supplementary manner here, they can make things much more convenient. How easy would it be to keep up with all your favorite teams just by looking at your wrist?

Another upside is that the screen size of smartwatches seems to be growing with each new model that is released on the market. This new development will help negate some of the screen real estate issues and perhaps give developers more to work with.

With all these proposed changes coming for the smartwatch, the future for these pieces of wearable technology might be vastly different. If developers are able to figure out how to turn these devices into better sidekicks to their smartphone counterparts, things may begin to take off. We may even see smartwatches that make smartphones unnecessary. Now, that’s a future that’s shining bright with possibility.

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