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Ninja Blaster Review

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If you are a social media marketer, you probably know how important time is for us.  Many of us struggle with social media promotions, especially Facebook that has many features that require time.

If you are looking for a great Facebook marketing tool, your search ends here. Today, I will review the Ninja Blaster by Andre Klapschinski. Ninja Blaster will help you to post to Facebook automatically, join Facebook groups for social promotions, unjoin or remove yourself from groups on autopilot and much more. It also has other amazing features like keyword research, image optimization tools, etc.


Ninja Blaster also has over 70,000 downloads which prove that it is something users want. Still, to test the waters, I will review Ninja Blaster in this post.

Time Saver in Facebook marketing:

Let us see how Ninja Blaster will help you in Facebook marketing. You do not need to create any Facebook apps for this.  Here are some of the features that will boost your productivity and save time on social media.

#Group posting:

Facebook groups are a great way to interact with people and promote your posts. But, the problem is finding and even posting to so many groups. Ninja Blaster will help you find relevant Facebook groups that and auto-join you to them.

Then you can post to them on autopilot. The beauty is it does not require a Facebook API.

You can also post to numerous groups at Ponce without actually visiting the groups individually

#Auto-removal from groups:

Ninja blaster makes it easy for you to escape from groups that are not adding value to your campaigns.

#Fan page maintenance:

Ninja Blaster makes it easy to schedule your month worth of posts on your Facebook page. You can also schedule posts based on the best time when your audience are online.

Another key feature is that it updates itself with the latest Facebook algorithm changes to give you the best experience.

#Link poster:

You can post links of your blog posts, affiliate-marketing links to Facebook with ease. You do not have to be present on Facebook or log in to each group. Just set up your link and you are good to go.

Enhance marketing with Gmail:

Ninja Blaster also boosts your email marketing with Gmail. You can send unlimited emails at the rate of about 500 emails per hour. It is definitely a good option for mass marketing of your affiliate products or even blog posts.

Image optimization:

Got a lot of images? You can use ninja blaster to optimize them for the web and SEO.  If you are a blogger, you know how much a light image means for a blog loading speed. Now you do not have to pay for any tools like etc. to make your images light weight. You can also change the resolution of your images to use it for the best experience.

Here is a list of what you can do with images:

  • Amazing Picture Resizer.
  • Resize Your Pictures With 1 Click.
  • Keep Proportions.
  • Fast and Quick.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Save Your Bandwidth.
  • Save Your Time.

Keyword research:

Choosing the proper keyword for your content marketing campaign is as important as choosing your blog audience. Ninja Blaster is here to help you find the best keywords that would bring you traffic and sales. With Ninja Blaster, you also save the money that you would spend otherwise with long tail pro or other keyword research tools.

Ninja Blaster suggests you the most relevant keywords that are buyer intent-oriented. This also makes your content go viral with the five-level deep keyword search technique they have.

Other features:

Ninja outreach is known for its fast and amazing support team. They are ready to help you if you are stuck using their tool. It is free for three days so you can try it to see if it fits your needs.


As I said, Ninja Blaster is free for 3 days. After that, a monthly charge of $9.95 is charged. You can renew it automatically. If you wish, you can pay only $59 on an annual basis and save the charges that would come if you paid monthly.

They also do offer a lifetime package, and you own the tool for a onetime fee of $97 only.

 Wrapping up:

If something helps you save time, boost your business then I think you should not think twice. Ninja Blaster is one such tool that should be there in every marketer’s arsenal.

You are not only saving time with social media marketing, but ninja blaster also helps you to save time doing keyword research and in email marketing too. The fee they charge isn’t that large too. I have tried the tool and works perfectly fine for me. I think giving it one go is advisable.

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