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Guard your online privacy for free with Spotflux VPN

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Internet is filled with privacy threats as the data thieves and hackers seem more knowledgeable in creating the malicious software programs.  Are you worrying about malware and data thefts? Do you wanna surf the web in a secure way through a trusted connection? I have come with a perfect solution for your internet security issues. Yes, it is Spotflux!

About Spotflux

Spotflux is encrypted VPN software which creates virtual network connection on the computer to filter the traffic with its secured cloud service. Hence, all your data transmission gets encrypted and your real IP address will make hide. Moreover, it contains a wide range of programs to scan your every data to remove tracking cookies, hazardous viruses and even to block certain advertisements. Since it eliminates everything which supports your data threat, you could have a peace of mind with your protected internet connection.

Features of Spotflux

Installing Spotflux is easy and you need not to worry about its configurations and updates. It fits for all browsers on your computer or mobiles with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or Android versions. Establishing fast connection speed is main advantage of this client (the speed may vary depends on the location and time) and there is no bandwidth limitations. As it told early, it hides your IP addresses and since the main server is located in New York, it provides you with the USA IP addresses. Moreover, it automatically blocks the phishing and infected sites with help of its built-in anti-malware component.


Setup wizard of Spotflux has more options and once it is installed, it changes your settingsto follow the servers of secure networks. While opening your browser with their secure connection, it may take few reloads before visiting any web page. When your internet connection is routed through multiple secure free VPN servers, you could protect your secrecy from the online world.

Privacy of your data with Spotflux

To offer an enhanced privacy connection, Spotflux assures that it collects no personally identifiable data from you. It also specifics that it may use real-time analytics to simplify commercial transactions and to deliver the most personalized experience for you and that too in rare cases as it does not keep any of your personal records.    

Reliability of Spotflux

Even though the Spotflux has random disconnects, its overall reliability is good and smooth for daily usage. As your whole internet traffic is running through the Spotflux servers, you might experience the slowdown of internet connection, but it would not be a significant issue if you want to work with a safe internet connection.

Final Verdict

As the internet is occupied with data robberies and Ransomwares, you cannot guarantee that you are connected to a 100% harmless network. Moreover, we need to protect our valuable informationfrom these mischievous programs by encrypting them in an exact way. Spotflux is a good service to protect your connection from inbound threats with continuous scanning process. However there are many free VPN services available, but Spotflux has stand out from the crowd with its simplicity, one click to install feature, removal of ads & malware with advanced programs and non-traceable IP addresses offering. You may also try their premium options with greater support to ensure safe browsing protection.

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