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History of Bill Gates

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This post would help you to know some evidence of Bill Gates, an American entrepreneur.

History of Bill Gates

William Henry Gates aka Bill Gates is the co-founder of MicroSoft Corporation along with Paul Allen. He is also the former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft.

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William Henry Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle. His father was an attorney and his late mother a school teacher in the University of Washington.

history of bill gates

Computers Calling Bill Gates

Bill Gates interest in the field of computers and software began in the age of 13. He joined the prestigious Harvard University in the year of 1973 to pursue his under graduation. This is where he met Steve Balmer, Microsoft’s current CEO.  Harvard’s was the place for Bill Gates drafted his first version of BASIC programming language for Micro-Instrumentation and Telemetry systems.

Bill Gates along with Paul Allen in his teens developed software that could count the traffic level in the Seattle city and both together ran a small software company called Traf-O-Data.

In 1975, Bill Gates took a leave of absence from Harvard and started MicroSoft along with Paul Allen.

 Bill Gates

Micro – soft Macro – business

Bill Gates held the responsibility for the computer’s product strategy from 1975 to 2006. In 1980 the software giant IBM approached MicroSoft for a strategy involving IBM’s PC. Bill Gates delivered it to IBM as PC-DOS but retained the copyrights of the software. This is viewed as a major business strategy because Gates believed that many major IT giants would copy IBM’s move and this did pay. MicroSoft was approached by many of them and MS-DOS was born.

Bill Gates came to be identified as the “The Man behind the machine” by the press.

A Window for the world

By the end of the year 1985 MicroSoft launched the next generation Operating System under the able leadership of Bill Gates. This OS still rules many households and offices and has become the Window to the world of Computers and Internet. It has been ably named as MicroSoft Windows and became a major turning point in the world User Interface enabled OS.

This period also saw end of relationship between MicroSoft and IBM due to escalation creative differences between the two.


Bill Gates – Personal Life – Look beyond Windows

Bill Gates married Melinda in the year of 1994 and indulges in lots of philanthropic activities along with her. They have started a philanthropic organization called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He had been consistently placed as number one in the World’s Richest People list released by Forbes from the year of 1993 through to 2007. By March 2010, Bill Gates was declared as the World’s second wealthiest person but reclaimed the top spot in the year of 2010.

Bill Gates has also authored 2 books based on technology and latest developments in this field. He also acted in a couple of Hollywood films.bill-gates

Bill Gates along with his wife continues to work for the cause of global health and learning. They received the prestigious Jefferson Award in 2002 for Greatest Public serving benefiting the disadvantaged.

Bill Gates has also been honoured Doctorates from many acclaimed institutions such as  Cambridge University, Nyenrode Business school, Royal Institute of Technology Sweden,  Waseda University Japan , as well as from Harvard University etc.

The history of Bill Gates teaches us to be humble, modest and at the same time manage things perfectly.

His life has influenced many of the famous entrepreneurs’ to adapt philanthropy.

Hope you all found my information on history of Bill Gates useful and also share your views on this topic by posting your comments. 


  1. Great to know about the story of the billionari. Thank you for sharing this useful kind of stuff Atish.

  2. I’m back again Atish and this is one post which worth reading! I’ve learnt from from this post. Bill Gates is obviously the gate to computers!

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