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Android 5.0 Features #Key Lime Pie

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As we are living in the technology world, even the kids know that the Android is the most popular mobile platform. Till now, there are many Android versions were released with a dessert based nick name like cupcake, donut, Eclair and the last one with Jelly bean in an alphabetical order. So, the next version should start with Letter “K”, isn’t? Yes, it is Android 5.0 Key lime pie.

Let’s continue the discussion starting from the basics to the predicted features.

What is Android 5.0 key lime pie?

Android 5.0 Key lime pie is the next Android version and it is expect to release on the month of October this year (2013). It is believed that it will be with some major upgrade features, unlike the Android 4. Jelly Bean which had released with only the minor improvements of the earlier version. Recent rumors specify that the Nexus 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may debut with this new Android version. Android users are enthusiastically waiting for this new version to solve some previous issues and hope it could come up with the certain excellent features.

sexy Android-50-Key-Lime-Pie

Predicted Android 5.0 features:-

Good profile management:

Even though the possibility of setting up of more than one user account on the tablet with the current version, it lacks with important setting options. As the blackberry has good profile management feature, we may expect the same for the smart phones too with the help of Key lime pie.

Faster performance:

As the Google faced some issues with Android ecosystem and the operating system, it has moved to a different kernel in which the operating system will use the smaller amount of RAM which might help to experience a faster performance with multi-tasking options.

Excellent social integration:

As the social networks are the popular place on the internet where most of the users spending time, the new android version would be with the excellent social integration inbuilt features. As this feature is already enabled for the iPhone and Blackberry users, hope we may get this on the Android too.

Upright user interface:

It is expected that the interface of the Android 5 Key lime pie may be customizable with many stock theme mode to dominate the other phone manufactures. Google would offer certain good options to customize the settings which would help to get the interactive handset and assists the user to use the upright interface.

Google babble:

Google had worked on a messaging platform service called Babble (internally called bable) and it is being tested by its employees. This messaging and chat service is predicated to present in the Android 5 Key lime pie which would provide the seamless messaging service for its users.

 Backup capability:

With the current version, it is possible to sync the contacts and apps with a Gmail account. But it is hard to get the backup if the device is changed and the users might lose the data. So, the android users want to have a good Backup capability in the SIM or SD card. As apple already has a cloud backup service, hope Google will also introduce the similar proficiency in taking the Backup.


The thoughts of the Android users turned into the Android 5.0 Key lime Pie features and its release date. As the Nexus 7 tablet running with the Android 4.3 Jelly bean version, the Android lover are expecting the Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 10 & 11 tablets would pedal with the Android 5.0 Key lime pie features.

Not only the above mentioned features, the users of Android expects improved battery life, maps with better control over location settings, guest mode for family and friends, never update option, Line drawing key board option, video chat app and so on.

We don’t know anything about the Android 5.0 key lime pie features absolutely, but we expect some best structures to make our life fun and interesting. What do you think about the Predicted features of Android 5.0 Key lime pie? What are the features you want to acquire in the upcoming Android version? Share your valuable thoughts here.


  1. Again a new launch of Android. Android is running too fast with their updates. No one is able to catch it. Great Explanation of new OS.

  2. Hi Atish,
    well this new version of Android OS , looks pretty nice. Hope it will update soon. Thanks for sharing.

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