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4G Smartphones from EE

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4G is the latest generation of mobile data connectivity, developing on the grounds set by 3G. It offers a connection that is not only lightning fast but also a much more reliable than any other service that you have experienced before. Downloading movies or music, streaming videos or uploading pictures on social networking sites – 4G just makes it quicker and cooler than ever.

Everything Everywhere Limited (marketing as EE) is a mobile network operator and internet service provider corporation of the UK. It is the prime mobile network operator in the UK, with more than 28 million subscribers. As a factual forerunner of 4G services, EE was the leading network provider to offer jaw-dropping origination and astonishing 4G connectivity to millions of mobiles in the UK.

EE offers a wide range of Smartphones which support 4G services. It include Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and the iPhone 5. There are also some economical EE 4g smartphones, such as the Blackberry Q5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 820.

EE is now also offering smartphone enthusiasts an easy tactic to upgrade to the latest phone through its plan ‘Swap’, in which you can buy a new EE 4g smartphone for a limited-edition charge as soon as six months into the contract. Though, contract holders will first need to possess an 4g Smartphone i.e. either an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, Galaxy Note II or HTC One. Then, by paying a nominal fee, which depends on how much you’re paying each month, the handset can be exchanged for a new EE 4g Smartphone.

Well EE 4G services are also available for the Apple lovers. As we all know that the new iPhone 5 is one heck of a phone. It’s selling fast, one of the main reasons being the all new OS i.e. iOS7 and now thanks to the 4G EE network for lightning fast services.

What’s more, the EE still offer limitless data on HSPA and the speed and excellence of coverage has lately started enhancing. Fairly, it was foreseeable that 4G is a confined market for EE and it’s going to be like that for a quite a while. Now-a-days the company is coming up with the best EE iPhone deals which would just revolutionize the market and increase their sales like never before. If you are planning to buy an EE 4G iPhone, now is the best time. Check out some of the best EE iPhone deals.

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